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This Product Will Totally Transform The Way
You Build, Backup, Fix & Deploy Your Webites
or Your Money Back!


For PC Windows XP, Vista 7 & 8 – MAC OSX – Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard & Mavericks

Have you ever…

Broke a Live Site by Mistake?
Found Creating Sites Annoyingly Slow?
Had a Site Down Because of Bad Hosting?
Had a Plugin Clash or a Buggy Theme?
Had a Site Broken By Hackers?

Ever Been Held to Ransom By a Web Host?

Many hosts are Now Charging Customers release Fees for Their Own Security Issues


2014 – a Record Year For Broken WordPress Sites

It's Me

Hi & Welcome

I’m Matt Garrett, I’ve been professional niche marketer & blogger for over a decade – I run over 200 WordPress sites myself so let’s just say I use WordPress rather a lot.

Last year was a bad year for Webmasters. I don’t know of any WordPress user that hasn’t suffered service issues through hacker activity. Even Hostgator, Aweber & Getresponse were down.

162,000 Hijacked WordPress Sites in 1 Attack

According to Securi an Internet Security Organisation 162,000 WordPress sites got trashed by hackers in just 1 DDOS attack this year:


Needless to say with downtime comes lost traffic, lost revenue, lost ranking & of course lost time. Repairing & restoring websites is not an easy task.

Most Users Have No Tested Backups

You can of course avoid much of this mayhem by keeping regular backups but, even if you do have backups you have no idea whether your backups will in fact work when needed … so for most people it’s a case of “cross your fingers” & hope for the best.

The Solution Is Simple:
You Can Create, Test, Clone, Backup & Fix Sites
Off-line By Running WordPress on Your PC/MAC

No More Worrying about: Broken Live Sites, Bad Hosts, Failed Updates & Hackers

WP Simulator is a variation on the traditional localhost test environment which has been the tool of professionals for over a decade. It’s easy to install & comes with tools that make site testing & creation easy.

It’s a “get out of jail card” should things go wrong. It gives you total peace of mind even if your site is trashed by hackers or if you make a silly mistake.

This is no Ordinary Localhost:
In Less Than 3 Minutes You’ll have 12 Test Sites Ready To Use!

In our tutorial video we have set WP Simulator up with 12 test sites in just 2 minutes & 10 seconds – so in under 3 minutes you can:.

  • Clone, copy & deploy live sites to a local test site running on your PC/MAC
  • Test plugins, themes & WordPress updates
  • Prevent plugin/theme issues on live sites
  • Recover/Repair broken/hacked sites etc
  • Create/edit websites off-line
  • Work faster than on hosted sites
  • Test website backups
  • Break stuff without consequence

There is No Faster Or Easier Localhost

Installing a Well Configured Localhost Test Site Isn’t Easy

Creating a well configured localhost environment isn’t easy. To setup a just single local host test site correctly usually involves editing apache/php config files, creating MySQL databases, editing wp config files & running multi step WordPress install procedure. Even if you use an automated install script you’ll end up with nothing more than a single blank site – which is fine for new projects but not useful for theme/plugin testing. This requires a fully populated WordPress site

So You’ll Get 12 Test Sites in Less Than 3 Minutes


… in Just 3 Simple Steps – Even Pro’s Can Do it This Fast!

Care Less About Hackers & Crappy Hosts – Clone Your Live Sites To Your PC/MAC & Vice Versa…
We’ll Show You How!


Wordpress is Slow

The free tools we use are easier & better than the best paid tools…

We’ll show you the best tools to use to backup & restore your sites to & from live hosts for free so you wont have to spend a cent on any backup tools ever again!!!


  • Back up live Sites & Deploy To localhost
  • Deploy localhost Sites to webserver

** Please Note we use free third party plugins which are not supported by SEOUK…

Solve & Prevent Plugin Clashes

Quickly & Easily & without ANY Down time

Wordpress Plugin Clash

Prevent The WordPress “White Screen of Death”

Every now & again you’ll come across a plugin problem – everything will work OK until you install a new plugin then boom! – your site breaks, you get a nasty message or the “white screen of death”! Trying to work out which other plugin is conflicting is no fun on a live site.

With WP Simulator you can replicate your whole plugin list locally, recreate the bug & find the culprit fast. You can even test new plugins for possible conflict before you use them live + store a working plugin set for each of your sites so you can quickly restore a plugin should an update go wrong.

Avoid Bad Theme/Plugin/WP Updates…

Themes & Plugins

Avoid On-Line Disasters

So say you’ve just purchased an amazing new theme or a cool new plugin & you can’t wait to use it – you upload it to your live site & hope for the best…then boom! you get errors & parts of your site don’t work.

With WP Simulator you can test themes & plugins for reliability, usability & compatibility with your site without any fear. This way you know exactly what will happen when you use the theme/plugin live.

Try Themes/Plugins/Codes Without Consequence

WP Simulator is The best WordPress Learning/Testing Tool Bar None!

Wordpress Sandbox

Learn By Making Off-Line Mistakes – They’ll cost you Nothing!

Everyone makes mistakes – even the experts, you just never see them. Experts use local test sites to develop.test & bug fix. A localhost test site is also ideal for beginners who want to learn WordPress

With WP Simulator you can create your whole site off-line. take time to test, clean/modify your themes & when it’s good & ready set it live.

Fix Countless WordPress Problems…

Wordpress Problem Solving


Sooner or later you will hit a big problem – website down! This could be: a bad update, a database corruption or even the handy work of a hacker. You’ll have no idea where to start & most likely you will try to mess around to see if you can get things fixed – if you tinker long enough & you’ll probably break more things.

With WP Simulator you can take a manual copy of your broken site & recreate it locally so if you mess up, it doesn’t matter as you can start again with another copy. You can run database repairs & other repair tools then re-upload the site back to your host when it’s fixed!


Any Questions?

Will it Work Just Like a Real Web Server?

Yes! – it runs 100% genuine versions of WordPress/PHP/MySQL/Apache. The only difference is you are firewalled & you’re not broadcasting to the web – your inbound services say for example Google Analytics obviously won’t work as spiders can’t crawl your PC.

Is it Easily Upgradeable?

Yes! – your themes, plugins & WordPress core will update in the same way as on a live hosted server. Unlike a host though you can also easily upgrade your PHP/MySQL/Apache with a single download of XAMPP!

What if I need more Test Hosts?

No problem! – We’ve made a tutorial video that shows you how to add extra test environments.


Very Reliable! WP Simulator runs on XAMPP is the same environment that powers millions of web servers world wide.


WP Simulator (SRP $97)
(Video Tutorials & Product Download)

11 Blank WordPress Test Sites + 1 Populated Test Site

WP Simulator - 12 Localhost Testing Environments

WP Simulator Comes with 11 Clean WordPress Installations & 1 Fully Populated Test Site for testing themes & plugins.

1 Fully Populated Test Site (WP Ver 3.8.1)
– This site geared for testing themes/plugins & creating content
– WP Cheat *** BONUS CODES***
(WordPress Core/Plugins/Themes will Update as Normal)
1 Older Version Test Site (WP Ver 3.5.1)
– This helps you see if a new WordPress update caused problems
– 1 blank test site running an older version of WordPress
(WordPress Core/Plugins/Themes will Update as Normal)
10 Blank WordPress Test Sites (WP Ver 3.8.1)
–  10 Clean Installed WordPress localhost sites
(WordPress Core/Plugins/Themes will Update as Normal)


+ Get These Awesome Content Creation Cheat Codes

Easily Create These Elements:

  • Styled Paragraphs
  • Styled Text
  • Link Elements
  • Opt-in Elements
  • List Elements
  • Guarantee Sections
  • Testimonial Codes
  • Pullquote Codes
  • Styled Heading Codes
  • Coloured Boxes
  • Sales Page Intros
  • Highlight Headings
  • Display Boxes
  • Table Codes
  • FAQ Codes

Bonus #1 (SRP $19)
15 Of The Best Modified GPL Themes

Wordpress Plugins

Cool Themes – Without “Unwanted Crap”

We have literally tried & tested 100’s of themes from the the web/wordpress directory & selected 14 of the best GPL themes for niche site & commercial use.

We’ve also modified these themes for better user experience & removed all site wide links for better SEO. These themes are simple to use & easy to set up for quick projects, they also offer a nice range of features such as flexible responsive mobile friendly layouts, full page width templates, grid layouts, sliders, galleries & much more.

Bonus #2
2014 Essential & Recommended Plugins List
Some of our Picks Will Really Surprise you…

Wordpress Plugins

Out of 24,000+ Plugins – Which are The Most Useful?

Every year we release a list of plugins that we consider as essential & recommended for almost any project

The essential plugins are the plugins we recommend you use on every site & our recommended plugins are really useful for most projects. You’ll recognize some of them for sure – but, we guarantee there will be many incredibly useful ones that you won’t have seen before!

** Please note these are third party so can’t be not supported by SEOUK…

Bonus #3 (SRP $19)
Fixing Common WordPress Faults Tutorial
(Video Tutorial)

Fixing WordPress

How to Fix Common WordPress Faults

This is a video tutorial that will show you how to fix the most likely WordPress issues you will come across. These include:

  • Plugin Clash

  • Buggy theme

  • Clashing Theme/WP Core Version

Getting Out Of Jail Tricks

Now & again we will all hit a bigger problem that requires a little more than just moving stuff around & deleting stuff – so I’m going to show you how to get out of jail if:

  • Your MySQL Database is Corrupt

  • You’ve forgotten your MySQL username & password

  • You’re Locked out of wp-admin

  • You’re Locked out by .htaccess


+ 4 Insider Secrets
(Video Tutorials)

WP Theme Cleaner

Insider Secret #1:

Test, Clean, Modify Themes

Learn to use special plugins to analyse your themes, find & edit out or detune hidden links.


Wordpress - The Time Saver Plugin

Insider Secret #2:

The Time Saver Plugin

See which plugin is going to save you a whole pile of time when you set up your new WordPress sites


Wordpress - Hiding Admin Areas

Insider Secret #3:

Hiding Admin Areas

Learn to hide certain parts of your admin from your site users to prevent others playing with stuff they shouldn’t


WP Simulator Backup & Restore

Insider Secret #4:

How to Backup/Restore WP Simulator

Over time you will add & change WP Simulator to suit your own needs – we’ll show you how to backup it up & restore it.

Our comments are 100% genuine & come mostly from our member home page & emails

This Testimonial Really Made Us Laugh – Thanks Ted!!!

Tony Shepherd
Ted Turner

Ted Turner – Sent To Our Support Desk
“”Hurry and get it today because if you wait till near the end—as many people, like Ted Turner, did last time—you too could end up paying $20 more, like Ted Turner did! And then when it comes around the next time and you see it at this way low price you’ll feel as foolish as Ted Turner does cause it’s worth every penny of it!!”

“Perhaps One of The Best Programs…”

Tony Shepherd
Nikki Bullas

Nikki Bullas – Member Home Page Comments
“I think I would rate this as perhaps one of THE best programs I’ve purchased so far. I wish this had been around when I first started on this journey as I’ve always been concerned about WP falling over, being hacked, breaking etc. The tutorials are fantastic, short, well put together, Matt’s voice is very easy to listen to and altogether a very professional set up. So glad”

“Working Off-line Will Be Miraculous…”

Tony Shepherd
Diane Chapman

Di Chapman – Member Home Page Comments
“I have two huge (100+ page) HTML sites that I want to put into WP but I have had so many problems with WP it has been on hold. A Mac user suggested I got a similar system to yours but as I know how good your products were I just bought this without a second thought. It is going to save me hours as I have a lousy Internet connection as I live up a mountain and am the last phone on the line. Working off-line will be miraculous.”

“This is an Invaluable Tool”

Tony Shepherd
Bob Blanchard

Bob Blanchard – Member Home Page Comments
“As a business owner who deals with client sites other than my own, this is an invaluable tool . This product beats the basic ‘localhost’ install I used to use 5 years ago until the present. There is no clutter or aggravation anymore. Don’t think this is some rehash of a local host installation, WP Simulator is the ultimate test environment. If this product sold for $150, I would still get it in a heartbeat . I’ve been in this business for over a decade and WP Simulator delivers, period.

“WP Simulator is a 5 Plus!”

Tony Shepherd
Steve Haase

Steve Haase – Member Home Page Comments
” WP Simulator is a STELLAR product and was more than worth the wait! I have been in this IM game for some time now and I have been through the pain and aggravation of screwing a WordPress site into the ground and having to rebuild from backups or even worse, scratch.Breaking a live site is no fun and can be costly, not to mention the time and frustration of tracking down the problems and correcting them all the while having your site either down or totally messed up.

If you are on the fence about this product then climb down off of the fence now and get WP Simulator before it’s to late. This is a must have for any WordPress user. I can assure you if you don’t get it, the time will come when you wished you had.

Just think about this…What would happen if one of your money sites were hacked? It happens a lot more than you may think, On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 = sucks and 5 = Total Awesomness, WP Simulator is a 5 PLUS! ”

“WOW, WOW, WOW … Great timing, Matt!!”

Tony Shepherd
Gary Smithhisler

Gary Smithhisler – Member Home Page Comments
“I saw this offer yesterday it was a “no-brainer” … especially since I spent six hours on Monday watching YouTube videos, trying to setup a XAMPP/WordPress testing environment. After much frustration and tweaking I actually got it functioning, but I didn’t have a clue on how to download my live blogs … you answered that question and much more … the “themes” and overview of essential and suggested plugins is much needed and appreciated and are a HUGE time saver. Thanks!”

“I now have my first localhost live site”

Tony Shepherd

Roy – Member Home Page Comments
“I have to say that WP Simulator is by far the most value for money buy I have made in 10 years or so online. Not only that, the quality of the video tutorials is so high even I managed to get it up and running easily, and have my first localhost live site imported and ready test without a hitch. Matt seemed to have every angle covered as he worked through the video tutorials. Very professional. ”

“Wish it was Around When I First Started…”

Tony Shepherd
Andrew Ward

Andrew Ward – SEOUK Fanpage Comment
“Just purchased WP simulator and WP Cheat. Wish this was around when I first started to use WP. As then I would not of spent all that money paying someone to fix the mistakes I had made. Wow! what a deal!”

“Is For Anyone Who Wants Their Blog to be Perfect”

Tony Shepherd
Tony Shepherd

Tony Shepherd – http://www.tony-shepherd.com
“WPSimulator is ideal for anyone who wants their blog to be perfect and to make sure it looks just right BEFORE making it live. Even better, it also means you can test out new themes and plugins to see if they work correctly in the privacy of your own PC or Mac and without the whole world watching. If you’ve ever had a fear of pushing the ‘publish’ button or have been worried about installing the plugins you need because you think it might wreck your blog…then WPSimulator is exactly what you need!”

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BlogDefender - WordPress Security

The Easiest Way to Run WordPress on Your MAC/PC

This Product is Developed by SEOUK

WP Simulator

Product Summary

  • 12 Ready WP Test Sites
  • 14 Cleaned Themes
  • 2014 Plugin Guide
  • Site Cloning Guide
  • 4 Insider Secret Videos
  • Bonus WordPress Tools

Product Info

Designed to Work on PCs running XP, Vista, 7, 8

& MAC OSX Mavericks,
Mountain Lion & Snow Leopard
Download Immediately

Hosted Video Tutorials

Use on Multiple Sites
Free 12 Months of Updates
45 Days Tech Support
One Off Payment

Est. Product Value

SRP $208

WP Simulator is a part of the SEO UK Product Series
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Extra Bonus
The Point
Extra Bonus
No Value Stuffing To The Point No Eye Ache
Only quality products added as bonuses to our products. SEOUK does not bulk out products with poor quality extras.
If what you need to know takes 1 minute – we wont spend an hour talking about it. We believe in keeping things short & simple.
No Walls of Text, No 1990’s Graphics, No Jumping Arrows, No Flashing Buttons. Just nice clear, easy to follow content.

For PC or Mac Users
Compatible with WordPress 3.0+

Difficulty Level: Easy

Innovative Digital Products
Developed by SEOUK

The Most Useful Website Developer Pack Or Your Money Back

Get Started With WPSimulator Today:

WPSimulator 2014 [SEOUK]



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It's Me

Thanks for reading….

Some of you will know me already as the guy behind many other great products such as BlogDefender, PCDefender, Nichereaper & Blog Tactics. For those that don’t know me – I don’t release many digital products & when I do the products are truly gold in terms of information & value. I run 100’s of profitable websites myself so what I teach is based on my own experience & results. It would be a waste of my time to offer you anything that isn’t my very best as I have many trusting subscribers & respected industry partners.

The principle behind my offers is always to save us both time & money. If the product doesn’t meet these criteria it doesn’t get off the ground. Once you run more than a few sites time & cost become a bigger priority which is why I’m always looking for better & faster ways for us to achieve our goals.

I am confident that WP Simulator meets these criteria & I believe you will benefit from your investment, of course you always have my no quibble money back guarantee…

I hope you enjoy the product.

Kind Regards,

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If for any reason you’re not happy with the product within 45 days of your purchase, you’re entitled to our 100% money back guarantee. No quibbles, no buts, no bad feeling.

We are confident that you will be happy with WP Simulator & you’ll agree that it’s a high quality, well tested and proven product.

If you decide otherwise just ask & a refund will be on it’s way. This is your completely 100% RISK FREE Test Drive without any fear.